Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Internship Opening

First of all a super big CONGRATS to Megan Hobbes who graduated last weekend and already landed a great design job outside of Philly! Megan was a huge asset to love2bcreative eagerly taking on anything thrown her way. She's the reason there now is an entire portfolio online to view! She also collaborated with me on our coolest invitation yet... a bachelorette party invite with a tiara and it's own little suitcase. I will post an image soon! I wish Megan the best on her new post-college adventure and was so glad I could be here when she found out she got a job that was really exciting.

I welcome aboard Tom Jablonski of Shippensburg University and Eric Peifer of Etown College who are interns for the summer. Melissa Mueller of PCAD hopes to log some hours outside the studio while she attends summer school and works. So you're probably wondering how do you have room for another intern!? Well one of my problems is I have trouble saying the word "no", if any of you are a client of mine you have never heard me say it! So when these great kids come to me looking for experience I just want to help get their feet wet! Which reminds me I also forgot to mention Steve Cook, an ambitious high school sophmore who joins me on Saturdays when I am here. Anyway, I'm flexible, so are my hours and the students who intern with me!

P.S. A new welcome to Brianna Cooney of PA College of Techonolgy who will be joining me Tue+Thurs this summer. Brianna has a great portfolio and I'm looking forward to seeing her creative juices in action. She has already come up with some nice senior announcement samples using Jen's pictures which we will be introducing soon!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We're back!

We ended up getting back so late monday night that I never got to bed before I had to be on the train to go to NYC... but hey I'm a mom and a designer so pulling an all-nighter is not foreign to me! Kelly grabbed a coffee and I a choc. chip muffin on our way to the show and we didn't take a break til 1 which doesn't sound bad but when you are carrying 25lbs of business cards and promotional products  and only running off a muffin you get worn out! By this point we were probably only 1/4 through the show and we only had 5 hours left! We did manage to make it through all the booths and have 45 min. to spare waiting for the train were we could finally sit down again. Penn Station was pretty intimidating since we are not used to using mass transportation and there is no where to sit down and wait. We're guessing cause everyone in NYC is in a hurry... chairs would just get in the way! So we finally figured out that you have to stare at the board and wait till your track # pops up then you run to that track. Seriously it was like a swarm of bees every time a track # was posted. I can't imagine doing that everyday, but I guess you get used to it! Anyway, back to the show! We met some super nice designers (one all the way from Australia) and vendors showcasing some really great work. It's so inspiring to see so much passion for graphic design in one place!!! I thought there would be more booths with things to use as a designer and I did find a few really cool finds but mostly it was al lot of people doing what I do (all in their own unique style) looking for buyers to pick-up their line of work. So I guess my next move is to have my own booth at the show so retailers nationwide can offer love2bcreative invitations & annoucements!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going to the National Stationery Show

I just picked up our train tickets today because tuesday we are headed to NYC for the National Stationery Show! What an exciting venue I can't wait!!! This will be my first year attending and I'm not sure what to expect other than lots of great inspiration and products to make my business even more unique.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby & Kids Expo Raffle Winner

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth on Saturday and took time to enter our raffle! You could still be a winner.... I have given the hospital 25 additional $25 gift certificates to award as door prizes for those that registered at the main desk.

Unique Gift Idea

My niece, Kristi, just celebrated her confirmation and I wanted to give her something unique. I found a Willow Tree figure and made some personalized note cards for her and put them in this cute little suitcase. She LOVED it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful Photo Jewelry

I am happy to announce I am a retailer of kibra studios custom photo jewelry! In honor off all mothers I will be offering 15% off ALL ORDERS placed in May.

I had a photo charm bracelet I got from an inexpensive jewelry party but what I really wanted was a solid sterling one that I never have to take off. I found EXACTLY what I was looking for at kimbra studios. Their jewelry is "Tiffany" quality, solid sterling and completely waterproof!

Friday, May 2, 2008

new business cards... A or B?

So I designed some postcards (with special discount offers) to hand out next weekend at the Kids & Baby Expo in York and came up with a new direction for my next batch of business cards. Each time I order new cards I do a new design to keep them new and exciting for both me and you! This time I just can't decide if I like A or B for the one side so I thought I'd ask for your opinion! I like my name up the side in red or the website in red but I tried combining both and that didn't work. You can post a comment here or email it to me. I appreciate your input!