Friday, February 13, 2009

My January Babies

Sorry I am so behind with blogging!!!! I finally feel like I'm getting my head above the water, sort off. Each time a new project goes out the door 2 more come it, which is good, it keeps me busy and helps pay the bills that seem to pile up faster than I can make money :-/ I want to tell you about my awesome photoshoot with Jen last friday and the birthday party we went to at Museum 4 Me. And the 2 logos I worked on recently....

These announcements are from my 2 january girls. The one mom just designed an built a new home so she had a great idea to do a "new year" "new house" "new baby" theme I did the illustrations to go with it. These were offset printed on super thick ivory stock from ChloeB by Crane. The other baby is just too adorable (she was just here with her mom who picked up the cards). She makes me SO READY to want another one!!! Jen took these gorgeous photos which fit perfectly into the brown and pink design I did in the fall for Talya's little girl Morgan.

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Karen said...

Julia! My room-mate from college owns and runs Museum 4 Me! I haven't been yet b/c we're so far away! I'm jealous you have, hope you had fun.