Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Destination Save the Dates

Today I met with Kelly and her friend and wedding planner Jamie who I love working with. Kelly found invitations online she was madly in love with but at over $1,300 (and she only needed 35) they were way over her budget so she figured she'd have to make them herself. They come in a box adorned with a starfish so she found ribbon, starfish and boxes but just needed the actual invitation and a matching save the date so Jamie brought her to me. Together we achieved exactly what she was looking for for WAY LESS including her save the date postcards which are shown below and I think are absolutely sophisticated and adorable!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ava's 1st Birthday Invite

Remember the time capsule 1st bday cards I designed for Ava? Well, here is her 1st Bday invite and the response I got from her mom when she received her order. I just wanted to share b/c I don't have my testimonials online anywhere.

Hi Julia-
I got the invitations today and am so happy with how they turned out! Everything is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for the adorable stickers (so cute!) and for adding our return address (yea, less to write)! I really appreciate all the work you did making them so personal for her first birthday!
Take Care,

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lexie won't watch fireworks

We had our annual family reunion last saturday and my husband and nephew, curtis set off the fireworks that my mother-in-law bought when we went to the bridal show in SC. We set ours off on July 4th and lexie wouldn't watch them then either. I had to get a picture b/c it was just to funny. She would not open her eyes and look at them but when they are done she cheers and says "yeah fireworks" and tells everyone she saw them. I try to keep this blog just for business postings but I figure all the work I do for my clients is so personal so it's nice to share a little with you when you share so much with me! So you will find these scattered here and there.
P.S. don't you love my new glasses I got them in Hershey at Goepfert Eye Associates.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

I just had 2 orders for rehearsal dinner invitations so i wanted to show you one of them. It was so simple yet elegant. They found a set of flowers from another invitation on the wall and I turned it into a monogram. The groom's mom said bride was all about "hand picked" looking flowers so that was the inspiration.

Sibling birth annoucements

My friend Suzanne was in town and wanted to stop by and see my studio. She also hasn't gotten around to doing her son's birth announcements (he's 5 mo. old yesterday). For you busy new moms who feel it's "too late" I say "better late then never!" So we took off his shirt since his sister didn't have one on for hers and I snapped a photo of him right in his car seat (I loved the green background) and wahlah we finally had his birth announcement designed just like that! She wanted them to be the same so she can frame them next to each other... what a great idea! So that was my excitement for today, meeting baby owen in person! I promise I am going to get better at this blogging thing so you keep coming back to see what is new b/c something always is!